Not A Hotel

Bay Cottage Guest House is not a hotel.

Bay Cottage

At a hotel you can expect to check in anytime of the day or night. You can order breakfast in the morning and you can also eat at the hotel in the evening. There will be a bar on the premises and maybe, even a mini-bar in your room. Your room will be large and luxurious with a spacious en suite and lots of free goodies. All these things are part of the package you’ve bought and the price will reflect this.

Bay Cottage is just a Bed & Breakfast. We are not a hotel and cannot offer the same facilities a hotel does. We are not licensed for either the sale of or consumption of alcohol. There are so many bars and pubs nearby that it is easy to find somewhere to drink!

Our check in hours are limited to 2pm – 9pm. We run the B&B ourselves and don’t employ any staff. This means we have limited time to prepare, cook and clear up after breakfast, to clean the guest rooms and be ready for check-ins at 2pm.

Our premises are small. We are perfect for couples just needing somewhere to sleep and eat. Our rooms are not designed to be stayed in all day. Our en suites are compact and clean but we cannot be described as luxurious. This is why we are cheaper than a hotel.

We take your breakfast order on arrival as we only get in what we know we are going to use. This saves wastage and keeps the price of your room down. We don’t do evening meals, just Breakfast!

Traditional Breakfast – Fried Bread, Fried Egg, Black Pudding, Tomato, Bacon, Sausage, Mushrooms, Beans

If you’re looking for a luxury break you’ll need to be paying at least £150 per night. If you’re paying under £100 a night, your room will not be huge and the en suite won’t be particularly luxurious.

Bay Cottage is more than just basic Bed & Breakfast but we cannot be described as either a luxury hotel or a boutique B&B.

Come and try us out for yourself! All our rooms are individually decorated – not one of them is the same!

Find out what we do do at Simply Bed & Breakfast!

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