Mini Menu

What do you do when staying at a B&B for breakfast? OK, there’s the traditional fry up but suppose you don’t want the full plate? Or perhaps you don’t like bacon or black pudding?

Well, firstly we only put on your plate what you wish to eat! And secondly we have a Mini Menu.

Mini Menu – Fried Egg, Black Pudding, Beans

This is where you take up to 3 items from the traditional menu and have them on one or two pieces of toast.

For instance, previous guests have requested two slices of white toast with 2 rashers of bacon and 2 poached eggs. Other guests have asked for two slices of brown toast with 2 poached eggs and a portion of baked beans.

(Please note that we can only serve one sausage per person).

Mini Menu – Vegetarian – Sausage, Poached Egg, Mushrooms

So, if you’re dreading having to face a full fry up on every single morning, fear not! We have a solution and in a way, you can almost design your own breakfast each day!

Book now to try out our flexible menus at Bay Cottage!

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